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Juice List

wdt_ID Flavor Brand Flavor Name Price Size Nic Lvl Flavor Description
1 Emergency Vape Dessert Strawberry Vanilla Custard $25 120 0,3,6 That bold, rich Vanilla Custard we all know and love, with a hint of a sweet, ripe Strawberry!
2 Emergency Vape Drink Pink Lemonade $25 120 0,3,6 A refreshing Summer beverage that will bring all your taste buds to life!
3 Emergency Vape Dessert Lemon Cheesecake $25 120 0,3,6 Lemon plus Cheesecake equals a match made in heaven.
4 Emergency Vape Dessert Caramel Green Apple $25 120 0,3,6 Tart Green Apple, covered with sweet, sticky Caramel!
5 Emergency Vape Dessert Blueberry Cheescake $25 120 0,3,6 The delectable taste of blueberry juice and the lingering crumbiness of cheesecake makes it a real winner
6 Emergency Vape Bakery Sugary Graham Cracker $25 120 0,3,6 Just like it sounds. Sweet Graham Crackers in a vape!
7 Tear Drip Candy Pearamel $25 60 0,3,6 Sugar torched pear with a caramel drizzle
8 Air Factory Candy Mystery $25 100 0,3,6 Mystery taffy candy
9 Rounds Candy Water Dragon Ice $25 100 0,3,6 A perfectly balanced blend of Watermelon and Dragon fruit to quench those hot summer days. Finished with rounds mystery candy. ON ICE
10 Rounds Fruit Juicy Peaches $25 100 0,3,6 Juicy peaches blended together for a delightfully sweet vape hinting on those childhood peach rings 30pg70vg
Flavor Brand Flavor Name Price Size Nic Lvl Flavor Description